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August 09, 2012

Internet til whenever Catherine wakes up from her nap...  Considering she's already been down an hour, I'm not sure how long it will last.

This will be all over the place and random.


  • we have moved to Goshen!!!!!
  • Josh is back at work!
  • I quit my job in education!
  • I am now a full-time stay at home mommy!!!
Phew, is that all?!?  No wonder I'm stressed!

Last week after a trip to Ikea (and Giordano's of course) my back (actually, totally honestly it's my upper butt, but I refer to it as my back to sound more polite) started hurting me.  By the next morning I was in "extreme pain" - an 8 on the 1-10 pain scale.  So much pain that I did all the annoying hassle of calling insurance 5 million times to get the scoop on who I could go to and what would be covered.  Fortunately, my old DO (Dr. of Osteopathy) was in network and with good coverage.  Hooray!  AND he was available to see me.

Since then I've seen him 3 times.  The most recent of which was yesterday when I woke up in "severe pain" - yah, I had to come up with a new way to describe it since it was worse than last week's "extreme pain".  Definitely a 10, as I had not felt more pain before.  It actually was so painful it made me nauseous.  Never had that happen before!

Thank the Lord I woke up much better today!  I am grateful for the prayers of many and the help the doctor was able to provide.  It didn't seem very helpful at the time though yesterday as I was laying on my stomach getting shots in my butt.  Er, um, back.  Yah...

Oh my word, new subject, I hate moving!!!  I hadn't moved in 7 years!!  In 2005 I moved what fit in my car from CA to IN, picked up a few more things IE furniture when my folks moved a month later from the house I grew up in on Brick Road to the new house they built on the southside and then again another month later after that into the place where I've spent the last 7 years.  Follow all that?

Needless to say, I've accumulated a LOT of stuff in the last 7 years, yikes!!!  Moving makes me realize how much stuff I have - and how much I want to get rid of it.  So, anybody looking to pick up anything I no longer need?  We've got two microwaves to start.  Any takers?  What do ya need?  I'll give it to ya for cheap!

Hopefully it will be awhile before we move again!  And in the meantime, hopefully I can sort through stuff and get rid of a lot!  I have to remind myself how freeing it is to have little!!!


I met a neighbor this morning - the only one so far.  Very nice lady who welcomed us to the neighborhood and invited us to her church - yea!

Something I had not thought about until last week was how much I am going to miss our church.  It has been my home church for I think 3 3/4 years, but it feels a lot longer than that.  Josh served on worship team the last week we were there, and the worship pastor did a very nice send-off for us in the last service.  Totally took us both by surprise and made us even more grateful for that place.  I've made a lot of great friends through Living Stones, and I hope to keep in touch with many.  It certainly has been a place of blessing for us, and I hope we can find another church to call home in Goshen.

Moving to Goshen does put us further away from most of our family - both sets of parents and my set of siblings Jen & Andy.  But it does put us slightly closer to Josh's set of siblings, Jeremy & Liz.  Oh, yes, in the midst of buying a house Josh's brother got married!  We love Liz.  In fact, I have from the moment I met her last summer as we discovered we had a LOT in common!  She is a wonderful addition to the family, and she will be teaching just a few minutes from us in Goshen - yea, another teacher in the family!

Here's us at their wedding:

And our little family:

When school ended last spring we started solids with Catherine.  Guess who loves prunes (along with lots of other foods)!!

This was the day we had her publicly dedicated to the Lord (it's what our church/faith/religion does instead of infant baptism or christening).  Yah, she's always barefoot.

 I have so much more I've got to update you on, but I hear Little Girl waking up!!

So long!

PS, I'm not re-reading or proofing for errors.  So, there may be mistakes in this post!  But consider yourself updated - at least a bit!

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  1. Love the prune Catherine!

  2. Thanks for the update and pictures.
    It is crazy how people tend to accumulate "stuff" between moves. In addition to your stuff, you forgot to mention that Josh's "stuff" accumulated in the South Bend house and had to be moved, as well as Catherine and all her "stuff." That was a LOT of stuff!!
    Your house in Goshen is only 35 minutes away. Still a visitable distance. So glad you three didn't move FAR away!


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